How Hard Is To Be A Mother And An Employee At The Same Time?

Modern time brings modern habits, new responsibilities and duties. Woman used to be in charge only for the house. Nowadays everything has drastically changed. Woman is becoming more and more involved in others kinds of business outside of the house. She becomes more independent in a business world.

The only thing that stayed the same is her mother role. Woman still has to separate her time for a child. Whether she is unemployed or permanently employed she always has to raise her child. Sometimes it is very difficult to manage all this, especially if you don’t find understanding at your workplace.

Whether it comes to some problems at work you should be aware of the fact that you have a right on maternity leave protection. According to Maternity Protection Act pregnant woman are not allowed to work during the last eight weeks of pregnancy. Certainly this depends on the pregnancy (for example premature births, Caesarian sections require a special medical treatment and the recovering lasts longer than usual one. If your employer harms your rights you should definitely search some professional help. You can find a good lawyer at dig this , they are not just specialized for divorces, and furthermore they have years of experience in working on cases based on Employment law. With their knowledge and experience you will be well protected.

The good news is that the law took care that woman isn’t alone during this period and fathers also have rights to parental leave protection so he can help his wife during the last months of the pregnancy. The law recognized the need of partner’s help to his wife. Employer has no right to fire young parents at least not until child’s seventh birthday. Of course we are talking about employer who has been working for the same company at least for three years.


Whether you are male or female it is practically the same difficult to raise a child. In the time where everyone has to do more than one job raising a child has become a challenge.




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