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Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Terms

Accessing this website means that you fully support and agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use. It also means that you are required to follow all the regulations and laws, and that you plan to comply with them. In case you feel that these Terms and Conditions do not suit you and that you do not agree with them, you will have to leave this website. Trademark laws, as as the applicable copyright fully protects all the material that can be found on this website.

  1. Use License
  1. You are being given a temporary license to download just one copy of the material you can find on WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM’s website, no matter if the material is information or any type of software. You can only use that downloaded material for personal and non-commercial use and transitory viewing. This means that you are only given a license to do so, and you are not being given a transfer of title. This means that you are not allowed to:
    1. alter the material or change it in any way;
    2. make any financial or any other gains on this material or display it publically;
    3. try to decompile the software on WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM’s website or reverse engineer it in any way;
    4. eliminate the proprietary notions or copyright notions from the materials;
    5. relocate the materials to any other server or give them to another person.
  2. If you violate any of these conditions, you will automatically lose the license that you have been given. You can also be terminated by WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM at any time. In case you lose this license, you are required to destroy all the copies of the downloaded files that you have in your possession, no matter if they are in printed or in electronic form.
  1. Disclaimer

All the material on WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM’s website comes with absolutely no warrantees by WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM. This means that WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM cannot be held responsible for the condition and state of the material that can be found on their website. Ale, WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM does not claim that guarantee that the material on their website is fully accurate (like the results that can be found here). Also, WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM does not guarantee for the material that can be found on other websites that are linked to this one.

  1. Limitations

WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM cannot be held responsible for any damage that might occur due to the users’ inability to use the materials that can be found on this website. The suppliers of WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM cannot also be held responsible. Even if the user notifies WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM of such damage, WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM will not be held accountable for it. Due to the fact that there are some jurisdictions that do not permit limitations on implied warranties, or limitations of legal responsibility for consequential or incidental damages, these limitations may not be applied to you.

  1. Revisions and Errata

Out of all the material that can be found on WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM’s website, some of it may contain some technical, photographic, or typographical errors, and WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM does not warrant that all of them are accurate, current and fully complete. These materials can be changed whenever WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM desires to do so without noticing the users, but WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM is in no way required to update the materials.

  1. Links

There are links to other websites that can be found on WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM’s website, but WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM is in no way responsible for them. The placement of a link to a website does not count for its endorsement, and WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM cannot be accused of that. All the links are used by the users on their own responsibility.

  1. Site Terms of Use Modifications

The Terms and Conditions of this website can be changed at any time, and the users do not have to be notified of it. If a user is using this website, that means that the user needs to follow the current version of Terms and Conditions.

  1. Governing Law

Laws of the State of New York are the laws under which this WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM’s website is being governed, and any claim to this website shall be resolved under these law, no matter if there are some conflicts of law provisions.

General Terms and Conditions applicable to Use of a Web Site.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of the users is really important to WWW.ALGEMENESENIORENPARTIJ.COM, nad that is why this Policy was developed. Here, we will show the outlines of it, and then the users will clearly see how the information is being collected, used, and disclosed.

  • The purposes of the collection of the personal information will be revealed to the users before the collection or during it.
  • These personal information shall only be used to fulfill the purposes that were already specified. For anything else, consent of an individual shall be required, or whatever the law stipulates.
  • The personal information shall be in our possession only as long as they are necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which they are being collected.
  • The personal information shall only be collected legally, and with the knowledge and consent of the user, unless the law stipulated otherwise.
  • All the personal data that is being collected should be related to the purpose of the data collecting, and should be fully accurate, complete, and recent.
  • All the gathered information shall be kept completely safe, which means that they are guarded from theft, loss, or any unauthorized access, copying, modification, disclosure, or modification.
  • All the information about the policies and the practices that are related to this gathering of personal information shall be readily available to the users.

These are the principles under which we conduct our business, and they help us keep these personal information confidential and protected.